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Supernatural Crew For Twitter [Part 2: Writers & Assistants]

  • Ben Acker (SPN Writer for 7x7)
  • Ben Blacker (SPN Writer for 7x7)
  • David Reed (SPN Script Coordinator, SPN Writer for 5x19, 6x6,  Author of SPN novel War Of The Sons, Bobby Singer’s GUide To Hunting) 
  • Jackson Stewart (SPN Writers Assistant and Writer for 6x18)
  • Jenny Klein (SPN Writer for 5x7, 6x10, 7x16)
  • Rebecca Dessertine (SPN Writer for 5x12, Author of SPN novel War Of The Sons and One Year Gone, Assistant to Kripke)
  • Kevin Parks (SPN Assistant Director)
  • Angela Will (SPN Production Accountant)
  • Dawn Grey (SPN Assistant Costume Designer)
  • Janet McCairns (SPN Location Scout)
  • Jason Fischer (SPN Assistant Production Coordinator)
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